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Sunspots & Age Spots

At Care Esthetics Camp Hill, we specialize in treatments targeting sunspots and age spots, offering effective solutions like PRF Microneedling and Lumecca. These treatments harness advanced technology and your body’s natural healing processes to rejuvenate and even out your skin tone. Our approach is designed to reduce visible signs of aging and sun damage, enhancing your skin’s natural beauty in a safe and holistic manner.


Begin your individualized journey to diminish sunspots and age spots at Care Esthetics Camp Hill, a Medical Esthetics Practice. Our philosophy is grounded in enhancing your natural beauty, focusing on non-invasive, holistic approaches to skin care. Situated in Central Pennsylvania, Care Esthetics Camp Hill is your serene haven for transformative skin rejuvenation. Discover the potential of your skin and start your personalized journey towards a flawless, age-defying complexion with us.

Sunspots & Age Spots Treatments

Explore our targeted Sunspots & Age Spots Treatments at Care Esthetics Camp Hill, click below to learn about PRF Microneedling and Lumecca. Each treatment is thoughtfully designed to align with your skin’s natural rejuvenation processes. PRF Microneedling harnesses your body’s healing power for subtle, natural-looking rejuvenation, while Lumecca provides a more intensive approach to addressing deeper pigmentation and vascular lesions. Our approach ensures that you receive a treatment that is not only effective but also perfectly suited to your unique skin.

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