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DiolazeXL Hair Removal

At Care Esthetics Camp Hill, our DiolazeXL laser hair removal service combines peak power and a large spot size for efficient and comfortable treatments. This advanced technology not only ensures patient safety and comfort but also significantly reduces treatment time for large areas. DiolazeXL, recognized for its effectiveness and patient comfort, is ideal for those seeking fast, virtually painless hair removal. Its ability to target even the most stubborn hair across various body parts, including sensitive areas, makes it a leading choice in laser hair removal.

Discover Smooth, Natural Beauty

Start your journey towards smooth, hair-free skin with our DiolazeXL laser hair removal at Care Esthetics Camp Hill. Led by our specialists Dr. Jean-Louise Santo, MD, and Jamie Shirey, CRNP, we embrace a philosophy that merges natural care with advanced technology. Situated in the bustling heart of Central Pennsylvania, our team is ready to guide you on a path to achieving natural, timeless beauty through effective hair removal solutions

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The hair removal works by directing a diode laser beam through the skin to the hair follicles, heating the root of the hair to inhibit future growth. This advanced system features one of the largest treatment spot sizes, ensuring quick and convenient sessions. Notably, DiolazeXL includes a built-in skin cooling surface, making the process virtually painless compared to other hair removal methods. Multiple sessions are typically required for complete hair removal, as the laser is most effective when hairs are in their mature stage. DiolazeXL can safely treat various body areas, providing an effective solution for unwanted hair.

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Is DiolazeXL Right for You?

DiolazeXL is equipped with a skin cooling feature, making it a comfortable, virtually painless choice for hair removal.

To effectively remove hair, DiolazeXL requires several sessions, as it works best when hair follicles are in the mature stage of growth.

Typically, four to six sessions achieve noticeable results, but the number varies based on individual factors like hair color and skin type.

DiolazeXL is versatile, effectively treating areas such as the bikini line, legs, arms, chest, and more, in line with our ethos of enhancing natural beauty.

DiolazeXL aims to deliver permanent results. It uses advanced laser technology to target the root of unwanted hair, providing a path to achieving silky smooth skin. This innovative treatment is designed to address and effectively remove hair, resulting in a long-lasting, hair-free appearance.

Before undergoing DiolazeXL treatment, it’s important to prepare properly. This includes avoiding skin irritation or tanning, discontinuing any irritant topical agents 2-3 days prior. The treatment area should be shaved to prevent light absorption by hairs, which could cause burn marks on the skin.

Post-treatment care is crucial for optimal results. It’s recommended to use sunblock for 3 weeks following the treatment, apply moisturizer as needed, and you may apply makeup immediately after facial treatments. Avoid hot baths, massages, or any trauma to the treated area for the first 2 days to prevent skin contamination or infection.

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