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Hair Restoration

At Care Esthetics Camp Hill, we offer groundbreaking hair restoration treatments, combining the natural healing power of Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) and the advanced technology of CryoTouchMD. Our PRF Hair Restoration Treatment is a natural, innovative solution for various hair loss conditions, including male and female pattern baldness, alopecia, and more. Complementing this, CryoTouchMD harnesses the synergy of CO2 and cold energy for effective, non-invasive hair rejuvenation. Our approach is rooted in enhancing your hair’s natural growth and vitality, presenting a holistic path to hair restoration.

Begin Your Journey to Fuller Hair

Guided by Dr. Jean-Louise Santo, MD, and Jamie Shirey, CRNP, our philosophy at Care Esthetics Camp Hill is deeply rooted in natural, holistic methods. In the vibrant setting of Central Pennsylvania, we are committed to assisting you in achieving fuller, healthier hair, thereby enhancing your innate beauty and confidence with our expert care.

Hair Restoration Treatments

Our hair restoration services at Care Esthetics Camp Hill feature two key treatments: PRF mesotherapy injections and CryoTouch®MD. PRF mesotherapy is a cutting-edge procedure that employs PRF to revitalize the scalp and promote hair growth. In parallel, CryoTouch®MD, used in conjunction with TrichoCyte®, offers a unique, non-surgical solution for hair regrowth, significantly enhancing hair density and health. Both treatments underscore our commitment to natural and holistic hair restoration methods.

Why PRF is better than PRP in Promoting Hair Growth

PRF is platelet rich fibrin, a gelatinous substance. PRP is platelet rich plasma, a liquid. Both contain concentrated platelets which release growth factors to stimulate hair growth. In the case of the liquid PRP, however, the release of growth factors occurs quickly. With a fibrin gel, the growth factor release occurs over a longer period of time, which better stimulates cell growth and tissue regeneration. Overall, PRF is optimal for hair growth. It contains fibrin which acts as a scaffold to support tissue growth, it contains cells to promote tissue regeneration and it contains the growth factors that stimulate overall healing.

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